Australian Kelpie Muster - Weekend Overview 2018

19/06/18 15:53:46 | News

After two decades of pursuing the dream the Casterton community ambition was finally realised on Saturday with the opening of the Australian Kelpie Centre, believed to be the world’s only dog museum.

On Saturday at 9am Dan Tehan, Local Member for Wannon and Cr Karen Stephens officially opened the new Australian Kelpie Centre – after 2 decades of pursuing the dream the Casterton community ambition was finally realised on Saturday with the opening of the Australian Kelpie Centre, believed to be the world’s only dog museum.The centre incorporates the local Visitor Information Centre and a high tech interpretative display showcasing Casterton as the ‘Birthplace of the Kelpie’ breed.

Saturday – the annual Casterton Kelpie Festival attracted records crowds in the beautiful sunshine of a winter’s day.

Whilst no records were broken, spectators where not disappointed with the action throughout the day – starting with the always colourful Street Parade with some 34 floats and hundreds of kelpies taking to the street.

Then all the action started with the 50metre Kelpie Dash with top prize going to Rob Burnett with Sunny with an astonishing 4.91 seconds.

The Kelpie Hill Climb is always a favourite as the faithful kelpie challenge Blueberry Hill in Casterton, Courtney Marshall’s ‘Heidi’ came out on top with an amazing 29.1 second hill climb.

And of course always a crowd pleaser the Kelpie High Jump was hotly contested again in 2018 with equal first winners – Emily McMahon with Will & Tristian Mioni with Cork scaling 2.68 metres.

With the ultimate prize and being crowned King of the Kelpies in the Kelpie Triathlon going to Tristian Mioni with Cork, followed by Courtney Marshall with Heidi in 2nd spot and Fran Lennox with Thommy in 3rd spot.

Sunday– Australian Premier Working Dog Auction, on a bright sunny day in Casterton a exceptionally large crowd witnessed records tumbling when Christian Peacock sold a 27 month old Kelpie, Glencairn Seven went for the record price of $22,200.

Having taken the pup as a service fee for a litter, Seven was by dog Pud’s Cruiser out of Dave Sweatman’s bitch Sunraysia Clarie.

Glencairn Seven is a male kelpie, black & tan 2yrs 3months, described by owner as a ‘strong dog, backs and barks on command.  Works paddock & yard, small and large mobs.  Can work individually and in a team.  Will suit station work as he has a big heart and goes all day’

The previous record price at the Casterton auction stood at $12,000 until Ian O’Connell of Strathkellar sold his 35 month-old bitch Lessi Sally for $16,500, this record only lasted 8 minutes until Christian took the stage.

Seven will remain in the Western District to an undisclosed buyer.

Paul MacPhail from Welshpool broke the record for the sale of a young pup, Bloke with $5,800. A male red and tan 16 weeks, a beautiful strong friendly pup, expected to be a good mustering and yard worker on sheep & cattle, performed well prior to auction in demonstration.

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Casterton's new Australian Kelpie Centre


We are excited to showcase our new promo highlighting Casterton's new Australian Kelpie Centre with plenty of well known local faces and places featuring throughout. Make sure you stop in to get your own selfie with a kelpie - the centre is open 7 days a week 9am to 5pm.